Karaca Autumn 60 Piece Porcelain Dinner Set for 12 People, Multi

Karaca Autumn 60 Piece Porcelain Dinner Set for 12 People, Multi

Karaca porcelain dinnerware has an elegant design and is safe for daily use. It is scratch and crack-resistant due to production at high temperatures. It offers a hygienic use with its smooth surface. Porcelain owes its fineness to thin layers of kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. 

Set Content:

  • 12 x Dinner Plate (23cm)
  • 12 x Pasta Bowls (27cm)
  • 12 x Side Plates (21cm)
  • 12 x Cereal/Soup Bowls (13.5cm)
  • 3 x Serving Platters (22.5cm)
  • 1 x Serving Platter (33cm)
  • 2 x Salt Shakers (6cm)
  • 2 x Pepper Shakers (6cm)
  • 2 x Toothpick Holder (6cm)
  • 1 x Soup Serving Set with Lid (3.5L)




Handwash is recommended


2 Year

Product Description


Model No



Use of Microwave


Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Supply of spare parts



12 person


2 Year

Oven Safe


Model No
Barcode 8697918625207
Use of Microwave No
Is it Dishwasher Safe? No
Supply of spare parts Yes
Person 12 person
Guarantee 2 Year
Oven Safe No

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B**** K**** 26/11/2023
It's a very nice product. It looks better than the photos and is packaged very nicely.
S**** K**** 21/12/2022
The product was sent to my hand in a very nice and healthy way. Packaging was very good. There were no broken cracks. The number was complete. This is really Karaca quality.
S**** S**** S**** 20/12/2022
I bought it for my ceyiz The packaging is great. Not even a scratch. I thought the soup pot didn't have a lid for a moment, but it was placed under the pot so that it wouldn't break. I highly recommend it.
M**** A**** 12/12/2022
product arrived intact, no broken. Since I have not started using it yet, I will not comment on whether the gilded parts are peeled off in the machine. a very elegant suit, suitable for both guests and daily use, does not tire the eyes.
T**** O**** 9/12/2022
amazing team
S**** A**** 3/12/2022
D**** U**** U**** 7/11/2022
F**** A**** 16/10/2022
1 There is a bump on the surface of the cake plate
E**** A**** 13/10/2022
in a word, BAYILDIMMM, very beautiful, it didn't come broken, I bought it for my drawing, those who want to buy can buy it without hesitation ❤
S**** İ**** 30/9/2022
bayildimmm.. I bought it as a dowry package. My only concern was the fear of coming broken, but I had no problems. On the contrary, it arrived in 2 days with very good packaging. If your fear is broken, I will have a problem, you can get it without fear. Cargo is attentive.
B**** O**** 22/9/2022
The product has just arrived. The packaging is very good. The probability of breakage is very low. It looks good quality and very stylish.
D**** Ç**** 21/9/2022
I placed the order with prejudice in case a piece of it would come broken. I took a video while opening the cargo, so that if it is broken, it will stand as proof :)) But they were all intact. This was also a surprise to me. I was relieved. Thank you to those who contributed to its solidity
D**** A**** 20/9/2022
İ**** G**** 8/9/2022
great product and quality packaging. i love it
M**** K**** 16/6/2022
I love it, they're all so beautiful ❤
K**** K**** 6/2/2022
Your product is very nice, I received it without any problems, I just wish it was included in the coffee cups, but the number of pieces is high, but they are very beautiful
Ş**** N**** U**** 18/12/2021
Great team indeed. When it arrived, a plate was broken, but I changed it from the store. The product arrived within 3 days. Their sensitivity was very important to me and it satisfied me, thank you karaca :)
E**** A**** 16/12/2021
So elegant and beautiful that it has become one of the most stylish pieces of my kitchen ❤️
D**** A**** 24/11/2021
Girls, take a run. I bought it for my dowry. So there is no such dinner set. The packaging is legendary. It is packaged in such a way that it is impossible for it to come out broken. My parcel arrived today, not one broken scratch missing. Your product is seriously legendaryeeeee. Thank you once again, Kara. Now it's time to comment on other products I bought.
G**** F**** 5/11/2021
products were packaged very well. Not a single one was broken, halal. The quality of the roe is already showing. They were very nice. I bought them for my wedding.
E**** T**** 1/6/2021
Very nice dinnerware. I was looking for a set with gold details. It looks very stylish with gold cutlery and glasses on the table.
N**** A**** 20/5/2020
The product is of good quality and very beautiful, I bought it for my dowry. :) Thank you for carefully packed and delivered undamaged.
D**** E**** 27/1/2020
I bought it with the dowry set, it's very beautiful, it came intact. I was just surprised that it came intact because the parcel was open when the cargo arrived, I would like it to be closed with something nylon stretch on the top of the parcel.
B**** Ö**** 9/1/2020
I like it very much, they sent it without any joints, it was packaged very well. The team is very stylish. I haven't used it yet, I bought it for my dowry. I hope I will be more satisfied the more I use it :) The only problem is that the cargo was delayed for a long time. It arrived quickly after it was shipped. Apart from this problem, they did not cause any other problems, thank you.
Y**** M**** 1/7/2019
The seer asks where did you get it, it looks very nice, I'm very pleased, thank you for sending it quickly...
Y**** M**** 24/6/2019
Great design, the embroidery is very solid, the number of parts is enough, thanks for the advice, karaca :)
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