Karaca Botanica 18 Piece Stoneware Dinner Set for 6 People, Multi

Karaca Botanica 18 Piece Stoneware Dinner Set for 6 People, Multi

Elegance, Durability
Introducing the Botanica Multi Stoneware Dinner Set, a perfect blend of elegance and durability. This complete dinnerware collection includes side plates and dinner plates offering everything you need for a stylish dining experience.

Premium Stoneware

Crafted from premium stoneware, this dinner set features a stunning combination of grey and white gold accents. Its tough composition, achieved through glazing at over 1200°C, ensures low porosity, crack resistance, and scratch resistance, making it ideal for daily use.

Tough Composition

The Botanica Multi Stoneware Dinner Set owes its beauty and strength to the fusion of white kaolin clay, quartz stone, and feldspar minerals. This remarkable combination gives each piece a glassy appearance and guarantees long-lasting durability.

Opulent Touch

This dinner set adds an opulent touch to any table setting. Not only is it visually captivating, but it's also resistant to acids, ensuring it remains in pristine condition over time.

Exquisite Design

Indulge in the elegance and reliability of the Botanica Multi Stoneware Dinner Set. Its rigid construction, exquisite design, and durable composition make it the perfect choice for both formal occasions and everyday meals. Elevate your dining experience with this exceptional dinnerware set.

Set Content:

  • 6 x Dinner Plates (25cm)
  • 6 x Side Plates (21cm)
  • 6 x Serving Platter (19cm)




Hand wash is recommended


2 Year

Product Description


Model No



Use of Microwave


Is it Dishwasher Safe?



6 person

Supply of spare parts



2 Year

Model No
Barcode 8697918957438
Use of Microwave No
Is it Dishwasher Safe? No
Person 6 person
Supply of spare parts Yes
Guarantee 2 Year

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Coming from Other Countries Translated by Google
Ş**** A**** 15/11/2023
It's a nice set, although the colors are not as vibrant as in the picture.
Z**** E**** 6/11/2023
The packaging was good, it was delivered without any breakage, I bought it for my mother, but there were defective products, there are small defects in the ceramic inside, but since my mother did not have any problems, we did not consider returning it.
G**** Y**** 27/10/2023
Very good
M**** M**** M**** 27/10/2023
The packaging was very nice. All arrived intact, I liked it very much.
A**** Ç**** 4/7/2023
I like it well
F**** D**** 20/6/2023
The product is very nice. I took it seriously. However, it was stated that my plate, which was broken, could not be supplied on the grounds that there was no stock. Unfortunately, I will return it ☹️ I break 2 points because my plate is broken.
S**** Y**** 6/6/2023
The shipping and packaging was very careful, but instead of the cake plate, they sent two boxes of 6+6 total 12 boat plates, I couldn't match the roe, in fact, when I called the authorized service, they said I had to return the whole set, I didn't want to deal with it.
A**** A**** 15/5/2023
They are very beautiful, we bought them as a mother's day gift for my mother, she liked it very much. Also great packaging was done.
Ş**** D**** 15/5/2023
very nice, very good quality. I bought it as a gift. it was liked.
G**** S**** 10/5/2023
I received it today, it's a great set, but it's not a dinner set, it's perfect as a breakfast set, I recommend it to those who want to buy it
B**** D**** 9/5/2023
Very well packaged
H**** B**** B**** 8/5/2023
The colors are very nice, as it is said, it does not have excessive weight. I bought two sets and will use them as a breakfast set. The packaging was nice. Only 1 serving plate came broken and I reported it.
Z**** Y**** 2/5/2023
A very sweet and beautiful suit, suitable for tea time use
Z**** K**** 28/4/2023
too shallow to be used as dinnerware ....!!! Order taking this into account. It cannot be used in juicy dishes.
S**** S**** 28/4/2023
it is a very nice product, I love it, the packaging was very good, the patterns are great, very useful
Z**** B**** 22/4/2023
I like it very well, I even bought 2 The packaging was perfect, I did not have any problems, I recommend
E**** E**** 18/4/2023
My products have arrived, I like them very much, the colors are chirpy, they came quickly and I am satisfied
N**** T**** 17/4/2023
Very soft colors, it will be a sweet chat table. Thank you
E**** F**** 15/4/2023
I'm glad I bought it, I will use it as a breakfast set, stylish and elegant :)
Y**** K**** 13/4/2023
I like it very much, a very nice set is better than a photo
B**** Ş**** 29/3/2023
I like it very much, it's just a click thick structure, but I will use the colors on wonderful days, I hope amen
M**** A**** 23/3/2023
I like it very much, I bought it for my dowry, it arrived without any problems
H**** A**** 3/3/2023
Friends, the plate is very sweet, but I think I will use it as a breakfast set, not as a dinner set, I think it will be sweeter
F**** S**** 23/2/2023
Very nice colors, just like the photo shows, only the plates may be a little heavy for you
S**** S**** 9/2/2023
Packaging was very meticulous. Thanks to everyone involved.
I**** C**** C**** 2/2/2023
the products that came were better quality than the photo, great packaging and arrived at a perfect speed, thank you very much ❤️
N**** A**** 28/1/2023
the product is very beautiful, the same as in the picture, but it is not porcelain, it has a thick structure of ceramic, it is not thin like porcelain, I realized after I bought it, the buyer should consider it, other than that it's a nice product
B**** A**** 12/1/2023
I like it a lot
B**** A**** 12/1/2023
very cute, very cute team
B**** A**** 12/1/2023
very cute, very cute team
D**** A**** 10/1/2023
I bought it for my beautiful dowry, take it with peace of mind, it's really beautiful
İ**** Ö**** 4/1/2023
tabaklar two heavy blue cake plates look very similar but ok
E**** K**** 30/12/2022
So sweet, so beautiful☺️
Z**** Ö**** 11/12/2022
they are beautiful, but one of them has a factory defect on the edge, it's small. other than that it's very nice
H**** A**** 8/12/2022
It's a really great dinner set, but it can also be used as a breakfast set
N**** A**** 6/12/2022
the product is very nice, very sweet, I want to use it all the time, but I did not pay attention to the fact that it is ceramic when I bought it, it would be better if it was porcelain, it is not suitable for machine use.
R**** N**** T**** 6/12/2022
a normal quality product with minor imperfections in some of the products
M**** K**** 6/12/2022
It arrived unbroken, very solid. It's very convenient. I bought it as a breakfast set, not a meal. Thank you Karaca
B**** N**** D**** 5/12/2022
The product was very nice, one came forty, I returned it, thank you
F**** E**** T**** 5/12/2022
I**** Ş**** 24/11/2022
It's so beautiful that you can't get enough of looking at it, the shipping is very fast and they packed it extremely well
B**** C**** 23/11/2022
I liked it a lot, it's more beautiful than your photos
E**** G**** 23/11/2022
Z**** İ**** 21/11/2022
The product was just like the picture and it was very sweet. The packaging was very good, it was put in two boxes, the box came out of the box like a matryoshka
A**** G**** S**** 21/11/2022
packing was fine but one of my plate has an obvious pattern error
H**** K**** 20/11/2022
B**** Ö**** 15/11/2022
We bought the dinner set for my brother's dowry and it came in a nice packaging without any problems, we liked the product very much, we loved the colors, just like in the image, none of them were broken, thank you.
S**** A**** 14/11/2022
T**** Ü**** 11/11/2022
perfect arrived without defect, I like it very much
K**** İ**** 8/11/2022
I like it very much, it was packaged very well
M**** Ö**** 7/11/2022
I just love the beautiful colors, just as I want them, I don't like vibrant colors in such suits, such soft colors definitely look more elegant. I will use it heavily.
E**** A**** 7/11/2022
D**** A**** 6/11/2022
The product arrived in good condition. I liked it very much, I bought it as a breakfast set.
N**** K**** 2/11/2022
I like it very much, definitely get it
C**** Ü**** 1/11/2022
The plates are gorgeous, only the purple plate has a tiny hole, but it's okay for me, the packaging was good, the plates were wrapped one by one, thank you
S**** Y**** 24/10/2022
It was packaged very well
E**** D**** 22/10/2022
I bought it to use as a breakfast set, the prints are very nice
M**** K**** 20/10/2022
Great, I love it, I just say Karaca
N**** L**** 2/10/2022
I liked the product very much and bought it for my dowry. It goes as a dinner set, but I was going to use it for breakfast and presentations. Many of the products were self-defective and defective, some had black spots on them, so I returned them all.
K**** A**** 23/9/2022
I like it very much, I bought it for my dowry, only the orange flower is not very clear compared to the others.
B**** N**** Ş**** 22/9/2022
How beautiful how gorgeous. I'm tired of opening the box in the box, very protected, thank you.
M**** T**** 8/9/2022
The plate team was legendary. There was a broken plate, I took a picture of it right away. Karaca completed the team, thank you very much
S**** B**** K**** 2/9/2022
I bought it for my dowry, I like it very much, I recommend it and it came fast, I received it on the 3rd day :)
C**** A**** D**** 24/8/2022
I got it as a gift. The person I gave it to also liked it very much, it can be used as a treat or breakfast.
G**** A**** 22/8/2022
Very beautiful, they came without any problems. i will use it for breakfast
E**** K**** 27/6/2022
Packaging was solid and good. The printing of the plates is good, but I detected a small printing error on the big orange plate, it's okay, it's not noticeable, no need to return, it can be used as a breakfast set or as a single joker set, thank you karaca
F**** A**** 9/6/2022
packaging was so solid and careful, and the shipping was not delayed. The layers look amazing and very high quality. I'm going to make a breakfast set. Thank you very much for your hard work, Karaca family ❤️
C**** S**** 22/3/2022
hello the products are very nice and quality colors are great but it should be added for those who want to complete the set or in a transparent bowl
Ş**** Ü**** K**** 21/3/2022
fabulous, use it as a breakfast, meal or cake set.
D**** Ö**** 20/3/2022
Packaging was nice, it arrived intact, the product is nice, I wish it was a little more vibrant
S**** K**** 19/3/2022
Not pure white like porcelain, but heavy plates.
A**** T**** 11/3/2022
Colors, I love the patterns, I highly recommend them. It is referred to as a dinner set, but breakfast and catering set for your information.
ö**** A**** 9/3/2022
So beautiful :) It was packaged very well, I love it
M**** Ç**** 6/3/2022
I like it very much, very nice. Packaging was great, no broken parts. Great team, I bought it as a breakfast and cake set.
F**** O**** O**** 5/3/2022
I bought it for my dowry. I would recommend it to everyone
F**** Ö**** 25/2/2022
The colors are very beautiful, I bought it for my dowry, the packaging was also very good, I recommend
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