Karaca Sarıyer Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set, 8 Piece, Silver

Karaca Sarıyer Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set, 8 Piece, Silver


  • 16cm saucepan 1.5 litres
  • 18 cm saucepan 2.2 litres
  • 22cm saucepan 3.6 litres
  • 24 cm saucepan for aubergine dishes 3 litres


Stainless Steel


Dishwasher Safe

Suitable for Induction Hobs


  • Stainless steel surface that retains heat for a long duration of time and ensures healthy use.
  • Specially manufactured heat resistant pan lids.
  • Maximum savings of time and energy.
  • Heat is conducted/spreads even across the surface of the pan-Suitable for use with induction cooking systems.
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.


2 Year

Product Description


Model No



Use of Microwave


Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Supply of spare parts


The Use of Induction



2 Year

Oven Safe


Model No
Barcode 8697918838201
Use of Microwave Yes
Is it Dishwasher Safe? Yes
Supply of spare parts Yes
The Use of Induction Yes
Guarantee 2 Year
Oven Safe Yes

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N**** M**** 5/11/2022
I bought it for my dowry, I'm glad I bought it with a discount, thanks
G**** D**** 21/10/2022
I like it very much
İ**** K**** 1/7/2022
kargom arrived very nice, useful, not too small, neither heavy nor light, I like it very much, I recommend it
D**** Ç**** Ç**** 28/6/2022
suitable for a family of two, looks good in steel. gift wrap could be nicer!
M**** K**** 2/6/2022
I like it very much, the dimensions are very ideal, you can use it even for 2 guests, it is an ideal piece for dowry, it is good that karaca
S**** A**** 1/6/2022
I bought it for my bride and she liked it very much. You will not miss any of them, excellent, very high quality
A**** D**** 30/5/2022
the product is very good, but I will not return it, it is more suitable for storing leftovers, not for cooking, but those who will buy should pay attention to its size, it is suitable for a family of 2
K**** A**** 28/5/2022
legend beauty must be taken without a doubt
S**** Y**** 26/5/2022
they are small in stature but look nice
B**** Y**** 21/5/2022
I like it very much, the dimensions are also very ideal and very stylish. A must have piece in everyone's kitchen. Thank you KARACA, you are great again
H**** D**** 20/5/2022
I bought a very nice set for my mother as a mother's day gift. We both loved it
B**** Y**** 18/5/2022
packaging was very good. Ideal for small families.
N**** Ç**** 18/5/2022
karaca difference you are amazing ❣️
Z**** B**** 25/3/2022
Very good quality, I recommend it, one of the best steel sets. I bought it as a gift, they were very satisfied
ş**** A**** 22/3/2022
The quality is indisputable, I think I never expected such a fast delivery.. Congratulations and thank you.
N**** M**** 19/3/2022
I bought it with a discount, I liked it very well
H**** Ç**** 14/3/2022
products are great packaging is great
D**** Y**** 14/3/2022
pots were small but very beautiful. Perfect for core families and bakers. Bought for my dowry
H**** K**** 13/3/2022
product came very nice. I bought it for my daughter's dowry. We are very pleased with the gift that he gave besides the dark soul, everyone was very nice
A**** Y**** 12/3/2022
very beautiful and ideal size, large and small
S**** D**** 11/3/2022
very beautiful and ideal size, large and small
A**** A**** A**** 11/3/2022
very small sizes as if to store, not to cook, quality normal price normal
B**** E**** 10/3/2022
Karaca quality is very good, affordable price
Z**** Y**** 10/3/2022
very very very nice sizes very ideal I bought it for my dowry I recommend
F**** Y**** 8/3/2022
I bought it for my dowry, it has a very nice look, the packaging came with care, thank you, it met my expectation, you can buy it with confidence.
Y**** T**** 7/3/2022
Quality, nice I like it
H**** N**** Ç**** 5/3/2022
begendim very nice, thank you karaca
S**** İ**** 1/3/2022
same as it looks in the picture, I really like it, I bought it for my dowry, thank you karaca ❤️
A**** G**** 25/2/2022
I bought it for my dowry, I didn't open the contents, but I looked at the store, it was not in a very big box, but the full dowry was delivered quickly.
C**** K**** 23/2/2022
It looks more beautiful and useful than the image he bought for my dowry, you can buy it without thinking
M**** Ç**** 18/2/2022
I like it very much, it looks stylish, I hope I will be satisfied when I use it
S**** K**** 18/2/2022
I ordered from karaca for the first time, frankly I was a little hesitant, but my products came very well, I liked it very much and it came in its own box carefully, thank you karaca❤
A**** E**** S**** 17/2/2022
my parcel arrived today. they are very beautiful. Ideal for a family of 4. The price is also very affordable and it came as a gift. The quality is already number 10. deer is different. I suggest you buy
S**** K**** 16/2/2022
very much liked the quality, I recommended it to my friends
N**** N**** N**** 13/2/2022
very nice I liked it, it came as I wanted
M**** K**** 13/2/2022
very good quality and it came very nice, I bought it for my dowry, whoever wants can buy it blindfolded
M**** Ç**** 13/2/2022
The product came as I expected. thanks
T**** S**** 11/2/2022
perfect ideal sizes fast and nice packaging
K**** A**** 9/2/2022
Very good quality, you can buy with your eyes closed, the sizes are ideal♥️
M**** E**** 9/2/2022
quality product, fast delivery, glass covers, especially I like it very much, can be bought
S**** A**** 8/2/2022
Very nice product, exactly the size I want, the price is very reasonable, the gift is also very nice
G**** Y**** 7/2/2022
the product has arrived, it is very nice, the dimensions are also nice, I recommend it.
B**** Ö**** Ö**** 5/2/2022
It was the most valuable piece I bought for my really high quality cehiz, I would definitely recommend it. Thank you KARACA
S**** A**** 2/2/2022
A great product definitely buy it
K**** D**** 22/1/2022
I bought the pots without even looking at their small cm, they are very small, they are not like in the photo, other than that, it looks nice
M**** E**** 26/12/2021
as it looks in the picture, the packaging is nice, the delivery is fast I haven't used it yet, I bought it for dowry. It was 600 TL when I bought it. I thought I'd buy it when there was another 75 TL discount. Beautiful and high quality pots.
Y**** K**** 14/12/2021
It came quickly. I bought it for my dowry. It was packaged very nicely. Thanks
İ**** K**** 1/6/2021
Medium size, ideal and beautiful pots. I bought it for my dowry, I haven't used it yet, but it looks heavy and high quality for its price. I think it is suitable for families that are not crowded
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