Karaca White Pure 24 Piece Glass Dinner Set for 6 People, White

Karaca White Pure 24 Piece Glass Dinner Set for 6 People, White

Elegant Transparency

Immerse in elegance with our White Pure White Glass Dinner Set. Crafted with care, this complete dinnerware collection combines unique design and fine composition to elevate your dining experience.

Safe Hygienic

Safe for daily use, this glass dinner set ensures hygienic dining with its impermeability to water, moisture, and air. Say goodbye to bacteria and chemical reactions, and enjoy a worry-free mealtime.

Luxurious Design

The elegant design of this dinner set adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your table. Experience the beauty of transparency as light gracefully passes through each piece.

Heat Resistant

Not just visually stunning, this glass dinner set is highly resistant to heat, offering durability and reliability. It withstands high temperatures, allowing you to serve and enjoy your favorite dishes with ease.

Versatile Convenience

Complete with dinner plates, pasta bowls, side plates and cereal bowls, this dinner set offers versatility and convenience for every meal. Discover the perfect harmony of colours, textures, and transparency that sets this set apart.

Refined Elegance

Indulge in refined elegance with our White Glass Dinner Set. Its unique design, fine composition, and captivating transparency create a dining experience that's truly exceptional. Elevate your table with this exquisite dinnerware set from Karaca.

Set Content:

  • 6 x Dinner Plates (27cm)
  • 6 x Pasta Bowls (23cm)
  • 6 x Side Plates (22cm)
  • 6 x Cereal/Soup Bowls (15cm)




Hand wash is recommended


Product Description


Model No



Use of Microwave


Supply of spare parts


Is it Dishwasher Safe?



6 person



Model No
Barcode 8697918822439
Use of Microwave No
Supply of spare parts Yes
Is it Dishwasher Safe? Yes
Person 6 person
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P**** K**** G**** 9/11/2022
very nice team
F**** Ş**** 2/11/2022
received immediately and bought it for my dowry when it was on sale. shipping packaging perfect
A**** B**** 13/8/2022
I bought it for my dowry, it looks very stylish, and I'm even more happy because I bought it on sale. I bought 2 sets and I'm sure they'll look great on a daily basis. The 9th product I bought from Karaca for dowry, I hope you don't make my face black Karaca
S**** Ö**** A**** 1/8/2022
very stylish and sweet, I eat these plates instead of food
F**** Ş**** 5/7/2022
everything is great except it cannot be machine washed. I bought it for my dowry while it was on sale. I completed it for 12 people, everyone liked it very much
A**** Y**** 23/6/2022
the product was great
T**** G**** G**** 2/6/2022
the product is very good I bought it at a discount, catch the discount and get it
N**** E**** 17/5/2022
mukkemel a dinner set I like it very much
N**** Y**** 9/3/2022
Extremely stylish and elegant. Shipped almost 2 hours after purchase. It was tightly wound and there was not a single deformation. I bought 2 sets and made them for 12 people. I bought it for my dowry and will use it as a daily dinner set. I think you never miss
İ**** N**** T**** 14/2/2022
very beautiful, very simple and elegant
S**** P**** 9/2/2022
Ideal for daily use
İ**** U**** 3/2/2022
A simple suit, just as I wanted it, I liked it very much, I bought it for my dowry, it's gorgeous in packaging, it's very beautiful
E**** B**** 27/12/2021
I bought it for daily use for my ceyizim, a kind team, those who favor simplicity can take it without thinking
K**** Y**** 19/12/2021
I follow it constantly and I bought it on sale, it's very stylish, I like it, the packaging is super
B**** B**** 17/12/2021
I am very satisfied, very nice
Ö**** E**** 8/12/2021
I bought it daily for my dowry, although its lightness scares me a little bit, there is no word to describe its elegance :) I bought it for 12 people, I definitely recommend it
S**** Ç**** 30/11/2021
It arrived undamaged and complete. It looks elegant and simple. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet because I bought it for my dowry, but it will meet your expectation.
D**** Ö**** 29/11/2021
it was really stylish, it was packaged very well, there is no damage. You can get it with peace of mind
B**** B**** 26/11/2021
I like it very much, it looks clean and very stylish.
İ**** O**** 24/11/2021
It is very stylish and goes in the microwave because it has a flat edge, I like it
N**** K**** 20/11/2021
Very stylish suit, I definitely recommend it to those who are considering buying it, it's much nicer than it looks here
N**** Y**** 10/11/2021
Very sweet, I like it very much, thin plate is not coarse, daily would be very nice
Ö**** D**** 9/11/2021
Very stylish suit I'm glad I bought it, also the packaging is very good and fast delivery… thank you karaca
G**** M**** 1/11/2021
I really like the product but I wish it was a full set for 12 people
İ**** D**** 1/11/2021
very elegant and simple :) I recommend it to everyone. suitable for any table.
G**** P**** 1/11/2021
very elegant and simple :) I recommend it to everyone. suitable for any table.
F**** K**** 13/10/2021
I bought 2 sets for daily use for my dowry, I'm addicted to simple and elegant things
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