Karaca's story began in 1973
with the courage, hope and excitement a father shared with his sons. 
Karaca began its journey to tell this story to everyone. 
As the story spreaded, the plates on the table increased.

Those who listen to the story added a plate to their table. Karaca has always been ready to add new members to its family. Our story, which started with excitement, spread from one family to another. Because we have always believed that there are feelings that would be shared not only with those who were nearby but also with the farthest. We continue to tell this story in order for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of sharing. We share the same pleasure with you and design to grow happiness. Karaca continues to move forward with the responsibility of being a leading design brand. We create difference by designing what no one can ever imagine. Believing in the infinity of success, we push the limits. We have the excitement of sharing the most precious with you all the time.

Karaca Brand Intro