Karaca Mira Stainless Steel Induction Teapot Set, Small, Silver


Karaca Stainless Steel Induction Teapot Set, Small, Silver

Healthy and Long-Lasting Use:

Karaca Induction Based Teapot Set allows you to brew your tea at the exact setting and taste with its 0.7 liter teapot and 1.4 liter waterer. It is quite ideal to accompany your pleasure during the break times of the day. While adding a unique elegance to your kitchen with its modern design, sparkle and color, it offers a healthy and long-lasting use thanks to its stainless steel structure. 

Unique Design:

Introducing the exquisitely crafted Teapot, a true embodiment of sophistication and functionality that will bring a touch of refined elegance to your kitchen. This remarkable teapot combines the art of tea brewing with its unique design, ensuring a brewed experience like no other. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this teapot is a delightful fusion of beauty and utility. Its graceful curves and intricate patterns add a sense of charm and grandeur to any tea-drinking occasion. Whether you're entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet moment of solitude, this teapot is the perfect companion. Brewing your favorite tea becomes a delightful ritual with this exceptional teapot. Its carefully designed infuser allows you to steep your tea leaves to perfection, ensuring a rich and flavorful brew that tantalizes your senses. With each sip, you'll discover a symphony of delicate notes, expertly crafted by this teapot's unparalleled brewing capabilities. But it doesn't stop there. This teapot possesses a remarkable ability to hold the temperature of your brew, ensuring that every cup is served at the perfect warmth. No more rushed sips or lukewarm disappointments.

A Touch of Elegance:

Every moment spent indulging in your tea becomes a serene experience, with each sip as satisfying as the last. With its unmistakable allure, this teapot effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. Its presence is an invitation to slow down, unwind, and savor the simple pleasures of life. Display it proudly on your countertop, and let its beauty become a conversation starter, a testament to your discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Set Content:

·       Teapot & Lid (0.7L)

·       Tea Kettle (1.4L)


Stainless Steel 


Dishwasher Safe

Suitable for Induction Hob


2 Year


Product Description


Model No



Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Supply of spare parts


The Use of Induction



2 Year

Model No
Barcode 8697918841942
Is it Dishwasher Safe? Yes
Supply of spare parts No
The Use of Induction Yes
Guarantee 2 Year

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S**** K**** 14/4/2023
The product is very nice, but the top cover is playing, it doesn't fit well, it looks like it will fall :(
L**** M**** 14/3/2023
10 number 10 stars take away, very very nice, delivered in two days
B**** A**** 3/1/2023
I also bought it and had it removed, it looks good, but there are always yellow spots on the outer surface. That's why I'm returning it.
G**** Y**** 7/12/2022
I like it. It looks very elegant. It had some stains, but I didn't see much of it.
Z**** G**** 3/12/2022
I bought it when it was on sale, it came better than I expected. It's not a small teapot, it's close to medium size. The color of the handles is beautiful. I regret not getting one as a gift.
C**** A**** 25/11/2022
F**** I**** K**** 22/11/2022
G**** K**** 10/11/2022
I bought it when it was on sale again Karaca difference ♥️
M**** K**** 6/10/2022
The teapot is very nice, it came as I expected. I bought it when it was on sale, I really loved it. It's not a small, medium-sized teapot, thanks Karaca
G**** G**** 19/9/2022
the product is great I bought it for my mother 5 months ago at a very affordable price, I wish I had bought 1 for my dowry, I regret it, please get a discount again
E**** T**** 14/9/2022
Take it off, it's very nice, I use it with love
B**** S**** 3/9/2022
bought for dowry, haven't used it yet but it's nice
R**** S**** 25/7/2022
We bought it as a gift for my mother. It looks very stylish too. She liked it very much and said it was useful. It is very comfortable for 5-6 people. I recommend it to buyers.
S**** K**** 20/7/2022
thanks to the karaca family
M**** G**** 11/7/2022
bought for dowry it's very nice
C**** U**** 8/7/2022
It's a great product, I use it with love. I bought the handle with a lot of fear to see if it would get hot, but it doesn't, I'm satisfied, thank you karaca
Ş**** A**** 5/7/2022
I got it as a gift. It looks very stylish and very useful. We were very satisfied. I would definitely recommend.
D**** S**** 27/6/2022
very nice, very nice, I bought it for my mother-in-law too, she liked the room very much, we recommend it, thank you karaca
ü**** A**** 25/6/2022
I would like to thank all the Karaca family who contributed from the production to the packaging.
M**** T**** 3/6/2022
I bought it on mother's day sale, I'm glad I bought it, it doesn't cool very high quality tea, it doesn't cool the tea, it was a gift from Refika, it's very sweet, I'm glad I said Karaca ♥️
S**** Y**** Y**** 3/6/2022
I bought it on sale, it's a great teapot, I like it very much, I would definitely recommend it to those who are thinking of buying a dowry product
D**** A**** 27/5/2022
Perfect design It was roe deer in my previous teapot I'm definitely satisfied I recommend it Boils the water quickly And brews the tea very fast And it has absolutely delicious tea The water does not overflow when boiling The handles do not heat It came as a single lid They used a lock system on the lid, which is small when filling tea It prevents accidents Thanks KARACA
S**** Ç**** 25/5/2022
It is a very nice product. I bought it with a gift coupon.
M**** P**** 23/5/2022
I bought a gift, it was liked a lot, but I didn't like the cover detail. looks like it will fall.
Ş**** N**** 22/5/2022
I bought it for my dowry, I like it very much, I highly recommend it
B**** D**** 20/5/2022
I bought 5 pieces from the discount, it looks like it's very good, I recommend it
E**** A**** A**** 19/5/2022
Very stylish and useful, I love it
A**** Ö**** 18/5/2022
A very nice and useful product.
T**** E**** 17/5/2022
medium size product.very frequent and very useful.we use it fondly.iykidide bought it
Z**** D**** C**** 12/3/2022
I love it, I bought it for my very beautiful dowry, the sizes are also very nice and large, so buy it with peace of mind
Y**** G**** 5/3/2022
Teadanlik, in one word, legendary thank you KARACA, I am waiting for the campaigns for new orders, even I will complete it for my daughters dowry
Z**** Z**** N**** 4/3/2022
sounded very thin. inform the creditors
N**** Ç**** D**** 4/3/2022
sounded very thin. inform the creditors
İ**** A**** 2/3/2022
Take away the most beautiful teapot set in the world!!!!
B**** N**** B**** 28/2/2022
The packaging was really good just as we expected
C**** Ö**** 28/2/2022
Simply believe, there is no bad material from super karaca products, thank you karaca
A**** T**** 28/2/2022
Kargo Number 10 products are great I ordered 2 pieces and they were delivered meticulously Thank you
S**** B**** 15/2/2022
My product came as I wanted, thanks for everything karaca
Y**** K**** 11/2/2022
I haven't used it yet but the kakite and the image are awesome I love it
İ**** G**** 8/2/2022
The product is very nice, thank you karaca
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