Karaca Pixy Porcelain Espresso Turkish Coffee Cup Set for 6 People, 90ml, Pink Blue White

Karaca Porcelain Espresso Turkish Coffee Cup Set for 6, 90ml, Pink Blue White

Set Content:

  • 6 x Espresso Turkish Coffee Cups (90ml)
  • 6 x Saucers 




Hand wash is recommended

Enjoy your coffee in every sip with Karaca cups!
Choose the right size for the cup you are looking for: 75-90 ml Classic Turkish Coffee, 90-120 ml Filter Coffee, 140-160 ml Double Turkish Coffee are suitable for your pleasure.

Product Description


Model No



Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Supply of spare parts



6 person

Use of Microwave




Model No
Barcode 8697918805654
Is it Dishwasher Safe? No
Supply of spare parts No
Person 6 person
Use of Microwave No
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Coming from Other Countries Translated by Google
Ş**** U**** 18/3/2023
I like it very much, it's solid
Z**** H**** 7/3/2023
I bought it for dowry, very stylish
F**** Z**** A**** 6/3/2023
quality could be better
Ş**** U**** 1/3/2023
N**** Ö**** 17/2/2023
my boyfriend's gift to my dowry is very nice, I will use it with love Karaca difference
S**** A**** 1/2/2023
S**** Ş**** 28/1/2023
stripped came. actually full refund faded image
S**** E**** 27/1/2023
The product arrived without any problems.
F**** Z**** A**** 25/1/2023
very nice I like it very much
M**** N**** S**** 22/1/2023
Very sweet, I bought it for my dowry for daily use
M**** O**** 6/1/2023
cups' patterns and colors are very nice, packaging was also very good, but the parts that should be round are crooked like the cups are defective.
R**** C**** 6/12/2022
product still not arrived
T**** K**** 23/11/2022
More stylish and beautiful than the image, the size is a little small, but the elegant packaging is great, I recommend it
T**** I**** 17/11/2022
The product quality is very good. I love the colors, the fit is great, just as it looks, solid and arrived promptly. You can get it with peace of mind.
S**** K**** 22/10/2022
very nice, definitely get your forehead removed
N**** G**** 7/9/2022
my product arrived in a short time, it makes you rest with clean soft skins, the porcelain quality is also very nice, the cup set that is not too big and snappy...
N**** G**** 16/3/2022
I received a very nice gift ♥️I recommend.
H**** M**** E**** 13/2/2022
A very delicate and gentle product Soft tones are very nice Its size is ideal coffee cup size
E**** G**** 29/1/2022
It's a really nice model. They are also very good at packaging and shipping. Thanks :)
Z**** K**** 20/10/2021
A very cute and stylish cup set arrived without any problems.
Ş**** N**** B**** 7/5/2021
I love the colors, the cups are exactly the size I want, not too big and they arrived intact and shipped very well
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