Karaca Elda 12 Piece Porcelain Turkish Coffee Cup Set for 6 People, 80ml, White Gold

Karaca Elda 12 Piece Porcelain Turkish Coffee Cup Set for 6 People, 80ml, White Gold

Set Content:

  • 6 x Espresso Turkish Coffee Cups (80ml)
  • 6 x Saucers (11.6cm)




Hand wash is recommended

Enjoy your coffee in every sip with Karaca cups!
Choose the right size for the cup you are looking for: 75-90 ml Classic Turkish Coffee, 90-120 ml Filter Coffee, 140-160 ml Double Turkish Coffee are suitable for your pleasure.

Product Description


Model No



Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Supply of spare parts



6 person



Model No
Barcode 8697918597887
Is it Dishwasher Safe? No
Supply of spare parts No
Person 6 person
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Aleyna Demirsoy 30/8/2023
Sehr schöne türkische Kaffetassen. Verpackungs ist auch wunderbar wäre auch toll zum verschenken.
Coming from Other Countries Translated by Google
H**** E**** 8/5/2023
great product. Bought for my daughter's dowry
E**** Ö**** 19/12/2022
I liked it so much, I bought it simply and stylishly, if it was back in stock or sold individually, I would back it up ✨
B**** C**** 27/11/2022
D**** T**** 17/11/2022
so elegant and beautiful
E**** B**** S**** 24/8/2022
Very beautiful, simple and elegant. I bought it for my mom for daily use, we love it
N**** E**** H**** 2/6/2022
I bought it for my dowry. A very stylish model that never gets old. I like it a lot.
E**** K**** 24/5/2022
I bought it for my mother, such a beautiful and elegant cup set that I will buy it for myself. It arrived intact.
R**** Y**** 22/3/2022
The product has arrived, it is very beautiful and stylish, here is the difference of karaca
G**** K**** 20/3/2022
Very beautiful, simple and stylish cup set
G**** Ç**** 19/3/2022
Great just as I wanted.packaging was very attentive.kargo very fast gelsi.thank you
M**** C**** 17/3/2022
very good, looks very elegant and simple
İ**** N**** Ş**** 28/2/2022
Fincanlar packaging is nice separately
Y**** A**** 28/2/2022
It looks very elegant and polite, it was better than I expected, it was shipped well, it arrived without any damage, thank you karaca
N**** A**** 27/2/2022
Karaca quality.. the packaging was great, the box is very nice, it comes with care
M**** Ş**** 25/2/2022
I bought it for my dowry and I love it. It's a naive suit.. The shipping packaging is also amazing :))
M**** B**** 22/2/2022
packaging and shipping is amazing, always thanks to Karaca
H**** E**** 22/2/2022
The product came better than I expected
S**** Ç**** 21/2/2022
very beautiful, simple and stylish, no possibility to break, I really recommend it
R**** T**** 19/2/2022
Very elegant and kind, I loved it, I bought it for my dowry, it's so beautiful✨✨
G**** A**** 19/2/2022
I fell in love with being a person who favors simplicity and elegance. Even after 100 years, a product that will not go out of fashion arrived in my hand intact, the cargo was very attentive, I was also satisfied with the communication of the courier, thank you very much
K**** B**** 17/2/2022
We bought it for a gift My wife liked it so much we ordered it ourselves
M**** L**** 15/2/2022
It's great, definitely get it, I wanted it big, just the way I wanted my cups ❤️
E**** U**** 14/2/2022
Very stylish suit
E**** B**** 13/2/2022
very nice product, stylish and simple
S**** G**** 9/2/2022
beautiful product Karaca is already a quality brand
Y**** O**** 9/2/2022
Sooooo beautiful elegant I love it I bought 2 sets for my dowry
K**** E**** 8/2/2022
I bought it for my dowry, it's very simple and stylish, I like the packaging too. Thanks
M**** A**** 7/2/2022
E**** A**** 3/2/2022
Cups are great. They are larger than normal sized ones, but they are not uncomfortable, on the contrary, they are very stylish.
Z**** Ç**** 3/2/2022
I've always been looking for such a simple and elegant cup set and I found it very nice and very polite packaging and shipping was also super
Ö**** Y**** 2/2/2022
products are so perfect in packaging very well, they have reduced the possibility of breakage to zero, I am very pleased
E**** M**** 29/1/2022
Very beautiful, very polite, there should definitely be a set in every house
M**** K**** 21/1/2022
Simply a great product, the size is a little bigger than a regular coffee cup, but it would be great for deep coffee. It was packaged very well, thank you.
M**** Ç**** 20/1/2022
The product is very high quality. There were no cracks etc. I liked the packaging.
A**** N**** K**** 28/12/2021
I bought 2 sets. I like it very much, the size is very nice, very elegant... It came intact without any damage
A**** E**** 24/12/2021
Simple and stylish I like it very much
N**** A**** 24/12/2021
so beautiful cup that I love it...
Z**** A**** U**** 17/12/2021
My niece bought the twmek set so I bought the cups minimalist but suitable for all ages and times
M**** T**** 16/12/2021
It came with a perfect packaging, you should never have any reservations about shipping. A very stylish and simple coffee set, it looks very high quality.
T**** K**** 14/12/2021
Simple and stylish model, packaging is good, it arrived undamaged.
E**** Y**** 12/12/2021
as we expected, very nice packaging, very well made.
N**** Y**** 30/11/2021
Shipping was very nice. The product is the same as in the picture. Looks simple and stylish
E**** K**** 29/11/2021
simple and elegant just as I wanted
D**** H**** H**** 24/11/2021
very nice, simple stylish, very ideal
Ü**** M**** 24/11/2021
The product is very well prepared and packaged. Thank you KARACA.
Z**** Y**** 23/11/2021
I bought it for a very nice gift. quality.
N**** N**** G**** 20/11/2021
Simple and very stylish model, I like it
Y**** O**** 19/11/2021
I bought two sets, very nice, I like it very much
K**** T**** 14/11/2021
Simple and very stylish I love it. Packaging was also very good.
S**** K**** 10/11/2021
I would definitely recommend a very stylish full coffee cup
G**** Y**** 8/11/2021
My product came very well, the shipping was smooth, thank you
Z**** B**** 8/11/2021
The product came exactly as I expected. Packaging was great thank you Karaca
A**** V**** 5/11/2021
Very well packaged. I received it without any problem.
H**** C**** 5/11/2021
very nice, just like the picture, the packaging was very good, thank you
Y**** O**** 4/11/2021
Very kind, very nice, it's never defective, you can buy it without hesitation, it was packaged very well, it's impossible to break
Z**** K**** 3/11/2021
Simple and stylish model..We chose it because it is a little bigger than the standard size. Thank you very much for the careful packaging, fast shipping and quality product..
F**** B**** 5/4/2021
It looks solid as it looks in the picture, it has no jokes, it's simple and stylish, I liked it and it arrived in one day. It just seems like it's playing a lot on the plate, thank you karaca
C**** Y**** 5/4/2021
It looks solid as it looks in the picture, it has no jokes, it's simple and stylish, I liked it and it arrived in one day. It just seems like it's playing a lot on the plate, thank you karaca
E**** D**** 2/4/2021
It's such a simple and elegant product that it was really nice that I received it the next day
S**** Y**** 27/2/2021
Finca is quite large in size. The gilded parts are beautifully straight and of very good quality as a plain material. The shipment came very quickly and well packaged.
S**** K**** 13/2/2021
... my cups arrived, I ordered them in 2 days, and they packaged it so well that it had a very careful package that could not be broken, thank you karaca ♥️ you see the cups, there is no need to explain, they are very simple and nice, you can buy them without thinking, and at this price You can get it to your friend, loved ones, was very attentive
M**** A**** 30/1/2021
My product has arrived, it is very beautiful and stylish, and the welcome was very attentive, thank you
B**** C**** 9/9/2020
Simple and very stylish product. I bought it when it was on sale and it was much better. In a word, I was blown away. It arrived intact and well packaged.
L**** K**** 16/12/2019
A very nice product, who wants to buy simple and stylish, it came without any problems
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