Karaca New Ilıca 84 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set for 12 People, Silver

Karaca New Ilıca 84 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set for 12 People, Silver

18/10 stainless steel contains more nickel compared to 18/0, thus, it’s it’s more durable, heat resistant, rust resistant, and anti-corrosive. Commonly used for fine dining due to its more shiny and stracht-resistant surface. Karaca cutlery sets are extra heavy weight meaning Premium quality that feels very sturdy in your hand and is very difficult to bend, compared to medium or even heavyweight cutlery. The Premium quality comes from both 18/10 stainless steel and the thickness level varies between 3mm and 7mm.

Set Content:

  • 12 x Tablespoons (20.5cm)
  • 12 x Table Forks (21cm)
  • 12 x Table Knives (22cm)
  • 12 x Dessert Spoons (16cm)
  • 12 x Dessert Forks (18cm)
  • 12 x Dessert Knives (19cm)
  • 12 x Teaspoons (11.5cm)


18/10 Stainless Steel


Dishwasher Safe


  • Heat Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 3mm Thick


2 Year



Product Description


Model No



Is it Dishwasher Safe?


Supply of spare parts



12 person


2 Year

Model No
Barcode 8697918963125
Is it Dishwasher Safe? Yes
Supply of spare parts Yes
Person 12 person
Guarantee 2 Year

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T**** Ş**** 26/11/2023
S**** B**** 26/11/2023
It is ergonomic to hold, light but quality product, I liked it
A**** A**** 18/11/2023
A quality elegant suit
S**** G**** 11/4/2023
I was very pleased, I was going to buy another set but it's out of stock
G**** B**** Y**** 27/2/2023
Ö**** M**** 3/2/2023
very successful
D**** P**** 1/2/2023
I bought it for my dowry, I recommend it to everyone
E**** Ş**** 31/1/2023
The product came just as I expected, I bought it for my dowry, I hope I can use it for a long time without scratching, I broke 1 point for the courier
R**** T**** 28/1/2023
The product is very beautiful, I bought it for my dowry, very good quality, it came without any problems, thank you KARACA
A**** E**** 19/1/2023
E**** A**** 10/1/2023
Extremely beautiful
R**** T**** 8/1/2023
Mng came fast with shipping, I think it's simple and elegant, I hope it won't come out from the bottom in the dishwasher, I haven't tried it, but it seems like a dead end
G**** K**** 30/12/2022
F**** B**** Ç**** 24/12/2022
solve elegant nice I like it thank you
B**** D**** 21/12/2022
I bought it for my dowry, it looks just like in the picture, it's very stylish and beautiful :)
S**** Y**** 6/12/2022
very beautiful and stylish product
S**** S**** 5/12/2022
F**** N**** E**** 2/12/2022
R**** E**** 2/12/2022
I'm giving 5 stars for it to be visible. First of all, I was not satisfied with the cargo, it was even returned without my knowledge, it is impossible to get information, after 2 weeks, it was difficult to reach the cargo, the packaging was sloppy, it only came with its own box and damaged, the products were scratched.
D**** T**** 29/11/2022
A very elegant suit. It arrived perfectly. This was my biggest fear. I will use it in my dowry with pleasure.
R**** B**** 25/11/2022
F**** B**** 22/11/2022
Brilliant, very elegant, but also very nicely packaged.
N**** U**** 19/11/2022
Perfectly beautiful I loved it, it came carefully boxed, I'm glad the carefully boxed cargo was not damaged, it came without a scratch, thank you very much
E**** Y**** 14/11/2022
The product is very stylish, but there were blacks on a fork, I did not want to deal with the return, but it was something that should not have happened.
T**** S**** S**** 11/11/2022
Really great product. It arrived unscathed and undamaged. Thanks
R**** U**** 30/8/2022
sade and original cbk set is the apple of the eye of the plain lovers
F**** N**** D**** 26/7/2022
Ggzel came complete without scratches
Z**** İ**** 24/7/2022
reached without any problems, I like it very much, I recommend it
M**** A**** 22/7/2022
I bought it for my dowry, very nice, I recommend it
M**** A**** 17/7/2022
I received the product within 3 days, solid, scratch-free, very stylish. thank you roe
E**** Ö**** 5/7/2022
Very stylish, very high quality Karaca shows its difference again, fast delivery, thank you very much for the nice packaging KARACA❤️‍
D**** K**** 29/6/2022
ordered, I'm looking forward to it
T**** B**** 27/6/2022
very stylish, ergonomic, useful...for simplicity lovers...
T**** S**** 27/6/2022
my order has arrived, thank you very much, it's perfect, I like it very much. Thanks again
E**** G**** 22/6/2022
Take it without thinking, the girls look thick in the photo but it's so elegant that I can't explain it and it arrived after 1 day
Ş**** Ç**** 15/6/2022
was fine. I liked it very much
E**** Ü**** 4/6/2022
It came complete. I like. You can take.
N**** A**** 20/5/2022
My order was delivered quickly and completely. I bought it for my dowry. There is no problem with the products, the box is very stylish. It just seems like it leaves a handprint very quickly to me. Other than that, it doesn't have any problems. It can be taken pretty well.
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